Our Philosophy 

We focus on Key P.G.A fundamentals, mental game, course management, and situational golf to make every student the best player they can be.

Lesson Pricing

Mat Blair:

$90 Per Hour

4 Lesson Package: $300

10 Lesson Package: $700

Season Long:


Ryan clem:

$80 Per Hour

4 Lesson Package: $280

10 Lesson Package: $600

Season Long:


Nick Norton:

Sam Puttlab

45 minute


4 Lesson Package


4&4 Lesson and Practice



Competitive Practice:

What is competitive Practice? We focus on making Junior golfers more prepared mentally for competitive golf. It is not focused on swing mechanics but more on how to become better at situational golf.


$200 Monthly

College Prep Advisement:

What is College Prep?

This program designed by Mat is specifically focused for that junior golfer that seeks to play at higher levels. Mat brings in his experience as not only a Division 1 golfer but as a Division 1 coach as well and walks you through all aspects of what it takes to reach the collegiate level.


$250 for Program 

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Alexis Miestowski- 2015 IHSAA State Champion

"Mat is the best (and only) teacher I've ever had. I would recommend him to anyone on any level. He is not only my coach but he is a mentor and life coach as well. I would not be where I am today without him"

Anthony Novak- 2006 IHSAA State Champion

"Mat was instrumental in taking my game to the next level. Regardless of the swing issue, he was always able to teach in a manner that was easy to comprehend and, most importantly, easy to execute. I owe a lot of my success to Mat"

Harley Dubsky- 2013 IHSAA State Champion

"Mat "Bubba" Blair is not only the best swing/mental coach I have ever met, but he is truly one of my best friends. I have played competitive golf for 17 years and no one has shown more understanding of my personal game both mentally and physically. He truly made me feel important and heard each and every lesson, phone call, and text. Without him I would have never won a state championship, received a full athletic scholarship to my dream school, or had the confidence to play with best amateurs in the world. No amount of thanks will ever be enough, but by going to Mat, you are making the best decision for yourself and your golf game no matter your playing level!"

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